How to update datastore database

07-08-2020 06:04 AM
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Hello, I have a situation that I think is simple but I do not know the best approach. I have an ArcGis Server service that uses parcel data from a file geodatabase. I am new to ArcGIS 10.7.1 since we are upgrading from a much older version. My understanding is that the service copies data from that file geodatabase to the data store. If this is correct, how can i update the data that is copied to the data store at a regular interval? The file geodatase that contains the data gets updated on a nightly basis with scripts from the older version, but I need a way to have that new data be copied to the data store. Does anyone have an idea? A python script would be my ideal choice, but I am open to ideas. Thanks.

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Hello Michael Leber‌,

If you are publishing a service where the source data is copied to ArcGIS Data Store the only way to update the source data would be re-publish or overwrite the existing service. While it is possible to script the publishing process that may not be the best workflow in this scenario. 

Instead of publishing a hosted service I would recommend publishing a referenced service. To achieve this you would register the folder containing the file geodatabase with ArcGIS Server. Then republish your service, the service would then reference your file geodatabase as it's data source. Any changes made to the service source data in the file geodatabase will be reflected in the service. 

Register your data with ArcGIS Server using Server Manager—Manage data | Documentation for ArcGIS En... 

Hope this helps!