How to remove tags in Portal ?

04-24-2019 03:43 AM
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After installing Portal for ArcGIS 10.7 we found a lot of default/predefined  (?) tags , many of them in foreign languages


These are visible also to end users in the Gallery page, filters section.

We would like to delete all the default tags and manage only the NEW TAGS THAT we add administering contents.

How can we do this??

thank you in advance for the help


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Hello Enrico,

You should be able to edit an items tags from the item details page. An edit option should be located next to the tag field. Each item requires a tag so you would need to provide a new tag.

Portal for ArcGIS - Item details



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Thank you very much Thomas, 

I'm able to change or delete any tags at each Item level.

What I'm looking for is a way to manage massively all the unwanted tags in my organization:

This for 2 reason:

1) i want to delete all the unwanted predefined tags : I'm in Italy and the tag "latin america" is totally not useful and can be origin of error (when you start digiting the system propone some existen tagsthat can be chosen for mistake)

2) in general it's very easy to digit a wrong name's tag (i.e landsliee instead of landslide): i would see a list of all used tags end decide whic should be removed  

 tool like ArcGIS Item Information  or Admin Tool for ArcGIS  helped to reach some of this goals. I wondeing if something similar could be done in Portal.

Thank You

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Is there a solution for this?  I'd love to get rid of all the misspelled and otherwise erroneous tags in our organization's Portal.  Please help Esri!!