How To Protect Utility Network Default Version

06-19-2019 02:25 AM
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As I know so far that Utility Network (UN) service can be only published with SDE.DEFAULT version so I have 2 problems about how to protect DEFAULT version as following:

When I try to add UN service with different Publisher accounts into map view, the version display is always SDE.DEFAULT so I can edit directly in this version with all accounts. Also, I'm unable to change the Access of DEFAULT version from Public to Protected.

=> How to prevent editing direcltly in DEFAULT version from Portal user accounts?

Another problem is that I can't prevent field workers updating data via UN feature service so the data will be updated directly to SDE.DEFAULT version.

=> Is there any way to stop this? Because I can change version before publishing service in ArcMap to make sure that all editing data from field workers will be updated into child version. Thereforce, all data will be QA/QC before Posted to Default version. 

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We also have the same question... How to prevent Utility network users from editing directly in the SDE.DEFAULT version ?

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Sorry this was not answered by anyone when you originally posted. I found this thread searching and wanted to leave the answer incase someone else has this in the future. 


You can use the Versions view or the Alter Version geoprocessing tool to change the access property to protected. The default version must have the access changed when directly connected to the source database using a database connection (established as the geodatabase administrator). It is not supported to alter the default version access property via services.

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