How To Protect Utility Network Default Version

06-19-2019 02:25 AM
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As I know so far that Utility Network (UN) service can be only published with SDE.DEFAULT version so I have 2 problems about how to protect DEFAULT version as following:

When I try to add UN service with different Publisher accounts into map view, the version display is always SDE.DEFAULT so I can edit directly in this version with all accounts. Also, I'm unable to change the Access of DEFAULT version from Public to Protected.

=> How to prevent editing direcltly in DEFAULT version from Portal user accounts?

Another problem is that I can't prevent field workers updating data via UN feature service so the data will be updated directly to SDE.DEFAULT version.

=> Is there any way to stop this? Because I can change version before publishing service in ArcMap to make sure that all editing data from field workers will be updated into child version. Thereforce, all data will be QA/QC before Posted to Default version. 

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We also have the same question... How to prevent Utility network users from editing directly in the SDE.DEFAULT version ?

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