How to Identify traffic from ArcMap users

11-05-2022 12:06 PM
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I am trying to identify traffic from ArcMap users in my Web Adaptor logs.  I can easily see the client names for ArcGIS Pro:

ArcGIS Pro 2.8.0 (00000000000) - ArcGISPro
ArcGIS Pro 2.9.1 (00000000000) - ArcGISPro
ArcGIS Pro 2.9.2 (00000000000) - ArcGISPro
ArcGIS Pro 2.9.3 (00000000000) - ArcGISPro
ArcGIS Pro 3.0.0 (00000000000) - ArcGISPro
ArcGIS Pro 3.0.1 (00000000000) - ArcGISPro

But what which client name will identify traffci from ArcMap users?  By process f elimination I think it is:

ArcGIS Client Using WinInet

Is that correct?

If you are curious, here are the other client names that included the text "GIS":

ArcGIS Hub Indexer
ArcGIS Server
ArcGISRuntime-Android/100.15 (Android 12.0; arm64-v8a; SAMSUNG-SM-N975W) arcgis-fieldmaps/22.3.1 (03c1ab25-555a-4393-9f45-2d7529add0d9)
ArcGISRuntime-Android/100.7.1 (Android 12.0; arm64-v8a; SAMSUNG-SM-A715W) arcgis-explorer/20.2.2 (4da61019-077e-4fd5-bc86-3a241a5b7578)
ArcGISRuntime-iOS/100.7 (iOS 13.5; iPhone11,8) arcgis-explorer/20.0.1 (2F751506-274A-433B-8EFE-3DEDD49C2C36)
ArcGISRuntime-iOS/100.7 (iOS 15.6.1; iPhone12,1) arcgis-explorer/20.0.1 (2FE17792-8179-4A63-8DCB-805517CC8C4C)
ArcGISRuntime-iOS/100.7 (iOS 15.6.1; iPhone12,8) arcgis-explorer/20.0.1 (8E913593-C42A-4DBA-A7EF-4E3BDFFD3B48)
ArcGISRuntime-iOS/100.7 (iOS 15.6.1; iPhone14,2) arcgis-explorer/20.0.1 (8FEF0EE3-E06E-4FBA-8C86-1DD737A78801)
ArcGISRuntime-iOS/100.7 (iOS 15.6.1; iPhone8,1) arcgis-explorer/20.0.1 (C74FF742-D808-45BD-90C1-28F366E3AAC4)
ArcGISRuntime-NET/100.12 (Windows 10.0.17763; Win64; WOW64; .NET 4.7.2)
Mozilla/5.0 QGIS/31202
Mozilla/5.0 QGIS/31401




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