How to get the number of read and write transactions between ArcGIS Server and internet?

03-06-2022 11:55 PM
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for a client we estimate the future operating costs of an ArcGIS Server landscape when switching from an on-premises operation to a deployment in Microsoft Azure.
According to the Azure Price Calculator, the number of transactions (read transactions, write transactions) between the server landscape and the internet plays a significant role (Product: "Azure File Storage").


--> In order to estimate the operating costs, we would like to find out this number of transactions between the server landscape and the Internet.

Is it possible to measure the current number of "read and write transactions" between the current ArcGIS server landscape and the internet?
If yes, how would this work (maybe via "Server Statistics" or "ArcGIS Monitor Server Application")?
Which time periods could be considered (e.g. transactions per day, week, month)?

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