How to deploy image server in a three machine configuration (Hosting + Raster analytics + Dynamic) through PowerShell DSC

03-02-2021 12:04 AM
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I am deploying an image server on multiple machines (three machines) configuration. On which I have to deploy image server as Hosting server + Raster Analytics server + Dynamic Image sever through PowerShell DSC. In the sample config JSON file for the image server, I have found the config file for a single machine deployment only.

Moreover, for the key 'ServerRole', only two variables are available i.e. 'ImageHosting', and  'RasterAnalytics'. I could not find a variable for the dynamic image server. What should I use for that?

How I can deploy an image server on a multimachine configuration?

Any help will be appreciated.

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Image Server is a licensed role for ArcGIS Server, so the only designation you should have to make in that regard is using a license file that includes the Image Server authorization code as well as the core GIS Server license.

-- Chris Pawlyszyn
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