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How to add everyone in the organization to a group at one time?

04-13-2020 08:53 AM
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I am creating several groups in my organization in order to separate content via map/app galleries. I'd like everyone in our organization to be a member of the group (I am using the option to add without sending invitations).

I know I can click on multiple members at once to add them "in bulk", but this gets very cumbersome when you have hundreds of users and you need to do this same workflow for dozens of groups. Is there a quick way to "add all" that I'm not aware of? I am using ArcGIS Enterprise v. 10.6.1


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Hello Katherine Clark‌,

If you want all users to have access to certain items you may want to share the items with your portal organisation rather that a group. You can also configure the gallery to show all items shared with your organisation.

I don't know of any 'add all' function through the portal UI. You may also be able to script this functionality through the ArcGIS REST API.

User—ArcGIS REST API: Users, groups, and content | ArcGIS for Developers 

You may also want to take a look at enterprise groups. 

Create groups—Portal for ArcGIS (10.8) | Documentation for ArcGIS Enterprise 



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