How can I make a database connection as a user when I am using Windows authentification and a Windows Domain?

05-09-2017 05:59 PM
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I added a new user to a role in ArcServer 10.3.1, on SQL server, in a networking environment using a  windows domain. The new user added in in the form of domain\username.  I wanted to test the privileges I granted the new user, but couldn't figure out a good test.  I tried both the new user and an existing user's login to start ArcCatalog 10.3.1 as a different user (right click, run as a different user), ArcCatalog started I guess as that user,  but I couldn't seem to make the database connection as one of the users.  For Authentication type, the OS authentication choice grays out the User name, password boxes as I expected, but I would suppose that means the connection would be with my current machine login credentials, not one of the users.  If I choose Database authentication,  then I can't make the domain\username or just the user name with the user's password work to see any database on my server. 

Or wait, maybe I am getting a different list of databases when I run ArcCatalog as one of these users and using OS authentication than when I start AC as myself.

How did I get talked into using Windows OS authentication? I get so confused. 

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