Hosted Feature Service VS SDE and Arc Server in Deploying ArcGIS Solution

05-07-2019 09:00 AM
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I am relatively new to an Enterprise deployment, in the past, I have published to my Arc Server and consumed the services via AGOL.  I have been using ArcPro off and on for over a year and started messing around and testing ArcGIS Solutions.  I in the past, because of service credits, not experimented with  Hosted Feature Layers in AGOL so I have not put in the leg work to know the particular ins and outs of working with feature layers.  

Am I better off using the same workflow as before of creating the data sets on my SDE and publishing to the Server and consuming the service in an ArcGIS Solution or use a Hosted Feature Service?

My guess from what I have gathered is that depends on the number of Schema modifications that are required to the data sets that come with the ArcGIS Solution.  It appears that it is much more difficult to do a schema change on a Hosted Feature Layer than on an SDE dataset.  I am just curious if there is a lot more to it than that?


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