Hosted feature layers or hosted feature views?

05-27-2020 04:05 AM
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If I need to create definition queries to represent simple binary, numeric, or text values from a grid index so that I end up with 40-50 individual feature layers to use in a web map:

+ Is it more efficient to share the grid index first as a hosted feature layer then create the individual layers as view definitions, so I have 40-50 hosted views?

+ Or, is more efficient to share 40-50 individual web layers by creating definition queries from ArcMap/ArcPro, so that I end up with 40-50 hosted feature layers?

Essentially is there a performance difference between hosted feature layers and hosted feature views? Since I have read in the "Data in ArcGIS" June 2018 white paper that hosted layers are not resource intensive, i.e., a "regular" deployment of Enterprise can easily support many hosted (thousands) layers, is this also true of hosted views?

Thanks in advance for any guidance.  Best, Dixie.

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