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Help to show photos from attachments in pop-up

06-13-2023 12:57 PM
New Contributor III

Hi dear friends,

I will do my best to explain what I need to do this time.

Main objetive:

1. Show photos from a sample (bridges) using the pop up, using ArcGis Enterprise.

What did I try?

1. (this one is very close to what I need, the only difference is that I need to show at least three photos for each bridge.).

2. (this one is very interesting, but I was not able to do it).

Actual data:

1. I have a Geo SQLServer data base to do tests.

2. I have a Feature data set that contains a feature class (points). (the main id to relate other tables with this one is called id_saep).

3. I have a table of photos tha I created, where each row represents a photo, this table has id_saep, so it is possible to relate it with my feature class (bridges).


(example of the actual table)

4. Each bridge can have at least three photos.

5. I use the table of photos, and attach the photos using the tool "Enable Attachments", and load the photos.

6. I Created a relationship between my feature class and my table of photos. In ArcGis Pro you can see that it displays the photos just as I want.


Yo can click in the small black arrow to switch from photos.

7. I published the web layer with the table all together so I got this:


(example of some colums from the feature class).


(example of some colums from the table of photos, yo can see the attachments.

8. This is the result in the pop up with out doing anything:


9. for some reason the table from the feature class shows that it has attachments:


But this attachments are from the table of photos.


What can I do to get this done correctly?

I can change everthing because I am doing tests.

Do yo know any other way to do this?

Thanks a lot.

Have a nice day.


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