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09-04-2020 01:23 AM
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How to set the filter properties to filter records with certain values?   I need to filter records with its ID containing a certain value such as "_boat".   The filter operator doesn't have "like" or "contain".  

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Hi Hwa Saup Lee‌, 

Once you have configured your input connector and geoevent definition you are able to establish a geoevent processor. Within this processor you can add an attribute filter (Attribute filters—Process Event Data(10.7.1) | Documentation for ArcGIS Enterprise ) with a number of supported operators. Depending on what you require this for you can also look into Incident detector  or several other options , see Incident Detector Processor—Process Event Data(10.7.1) | Documentation for ArcGIS Enterprise.

You can then configure this with the geoevent output destination and type you are after. 


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Hi. Shane,  I tried with the attribute filter however cannot find a way to filter record including certain values in the string. 

For example, I need: 

UID like '%Vessel%'   

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