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Geodatabase Replicas

10-21-2020 05:05 PM
New Contributor

I have an enterprise web-application that is internally facing for a client. We are planning to implement an external version that will be available for certain stakeholders. The external version of the application will have the majority of features from the internal version, however, some tables/fields will be removed or obfuscated. The current plan is to make a copy of the internal enterprise geodatabase on the database server (internal) and have that same copy on a separate database server that will be for the external application. We would run a replica from the original (internal) geodatabase to remove the unnecessary tables/fields and dump that into the copied gdb on the internal server. Then we would push whatever is in that copied gdb into the external gdb on the other server. Is this the most efficient way of doing this? The replicas would be kicked off via a python script run on a nightly process. Thanks! 

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Could you just accomplish this with a View published from the Enterprise GDB?  You could also publish the data with definition queries and fields removed from display before publishing, or do this within the Web Map?

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