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Geocoder Search Zooms to Incorrect Location (but returns correct result)

05-04-2023 07:00 AM
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I've been experiencing some issues with a custom, composite geocode service that I maintain. It contains geocoders that point to our internal data (in NH State Plane coords), as well as the World Geocode Service. What happens is when I use the search bar in Portal or Locate tool in Pro, it will often zoom to a very incorrect location in a manner consistent with a projection issue. However, the actual geocode result is in the correct location. Everything we geocode is in NH, but it very consistently zooms to S Central NY. In the screenshot below, the black dot is the geocode result, the red dot is the approximate location of the zoom extent. It seems to happen mostly with the results that are resolved from the World Geocode Service rather than from the geocoders built off of our internal data.

I do not see this issue in Field Maps. I also do not see the issue in Pro if I use the geocoder file that the service is published from. Are there any settings I'm missing on the Geocode Service or my maps that would resolve this issue?

I'm publishing to Enterprise 10.9.1 from Pro 3.1.1.




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        We had a similar problem when using our geocoder from WAB apps.  It might be helpful with your situation.  For example with this app -

If you type "Cottage Lane" without pressing <enter> into the search bar (top right corner) you will see a drop-down list of condidates appear.  New Brunswick has many communities with a street called "Cottage Lane".  Selecting an item from this list will zoom you to one of the results but not necessarily the one you selected.

However, if you type "Cottage Lane <enter>" into the search bar you will always zoom to the location of the result that you selected.  We are running ArcGIS Server 10.7.1


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Interesting thought. I think we have something slightly different going on, though. We also get the suggestions list, but only the ones from the World Geocoder go to the wrong extent. In the example below, both item I and item II return the correct location point, but item II zooms to southern NY.



This isn't such a big deal where both are available. However, the internal data suggestions are based on our water customer locations. So if we ever need to find a street or an address that is not a current customer (such as someone who wants to be a new customer), we run into trouble with the zoom.

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We are experiencing the same issue when using a composite locator: the zoom goes to Long Island Sound, NY- instead of Rhode Island - but the actual location is correctly chosen. And this issue occurs with either choosing a selection pressing ENTER or through mouse-click. For background, this Locator was created in Pro, and then shared to AGOL via the Publish Geocode Service tool in Pro. It seems this issue was fixed in 2022 and then resurfaced in 2023.

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Not sure mine is the exact same issue but I just built an address locator in ArcGIS Pro (3.2.2) with the hopes of turning this into our geocoding service (previously built in ArcCatalog).  Using the Locate tool in ArcGIS Pro on my new locator finds results, however zooms me into the ocean, roughly 150 miles west and 350 miles south of where I should be.  I am using data from our database in Florida West State Plane projection - the same data that our old (ArcCatalog) locator points to.  Did anyone find a fix?