General Function Failure - Data in a fgdb on a server

04-23-2018 08:55 PM
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Hi all,

We are using ArcGIS Desktop 10.5.

I have created a file gdb consisting of around 20 fcs, which sits on a share drive on our windows file server.

For some reason I keep getting the dreaded ArcMap Drawing Errors message:

One or more layers failed to draw:

FDO error: 0 [Failed to label layer ASSETS for class default.]

General function failure

Drainage: General function failure

This happens to all data stored in the fgdb. The frequency is probably every 15-30 mins.

Imagery (or other .shp files) that are not in the fgdb but reside on the same share drive on the server are fine.

The only way to operate properly in AM is to shutdown AM and restart....fairly annoying.

Anyone had this issue? A way around it?

Could my fgdb be causing a problem?

I have compacted the gdb and same problem persists.



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Hi Tim,

I would recommend creating a new File Geodatabase and then copy/paste the data from the old one to this new one using the Catalog window.  Then, test to see if you still receive these errors with the new File Geodatabase.

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Thanks Jake.

So i did this.

I actually think it might be the server.

While i was watching 2 instances of arcmap, i noticed window explorer sort and re-map all my drives...

Funnily enough, when i went back to AM i received the error.

It seems the error is only limited to the data in the fgdb...shp and imagery still maintain connection.

But it does seem like its the server's issue.

Is this normal practise for data in fgbs to give an error if server connection is a bit troubled?


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Dear Tim,

Is your problem solved ? Did you have a look at this link 

I had the problem with a network share build using "group policy" instead of "net use". Using net use solved the problem.


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Yeah we have 1-2 people still getting this issue – but nowhere near as often as it was.

IT have tweaked a few things and it resolved most of our drop-outs.

I will ask IT about how they generated the shares.



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