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Anyone getting random General Function Failure error's with Windows 10 and ArcMap 10.4.1?

Question asked by on May 1, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 7, 2019 by Tilman

Our company recently upgraded to new Windows 10 desktops. At the same time we upgraded from ArcMap 10.2 to ArcMap 10.4. I am now regularly getting random "General Function Failure" error's while using ArcMap. It typically happens when I am simply navigating the map, panning and zooming around and selecting features and working with the Table data. I am mostly working with existing MXD's that I started working with while I was using 10.2. [Edit]I believe they have all not been updated to 10.4 MXD's.I believe all MXD's started as 10.2 MXD's and have all now been saved in 10.4. I have tried starting an MXD from scratch in 10.4 and seem to be having the same issue, maybe just a little less often. [/Edit]

Anyone have this experience? Or and suggestions on what is going on or how best to approach troubleshooting?