Full recovery from webgisdr backup to new rebuild environment

05-16-2018 06:44 AM
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Im working on a recovery plan with use of webgisdr. In case of some major corruption, would it be possible to recreate a big-ish complex GIS Site once the basic environment nodes are rebuilt/reconfigured? I am thinking about a scenario where all machines are lost  (for example we delete/lose whole AWS account with all that was in it). Then they all are rebuild with Chef to the point that all URLs/DNS names are restored. But in  case of rebuild individual machine names do change. Does it matter for the webgisdr? The site has:

-HA Portal

-Federated Server Site(2boxes)

-Hosting Federated Server Site(2boxes)

-Relational DataStore(primary+standby)

-TileCache DataStore(primary+standby)

In case of such disaster recovery im wondering how 'far' does the rebuild have to go before i run webgisdr to restore. Will it be enough just to regenerate 'skeleton' of the GIS Platform?

How does the webgisdr interact with SAML providers ? Does the backup contain SAML info? Or do i need to configure it? In that case when - before or after the restore?



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As long as the "public" URLs are the same, (web context URL and services URL), the content directory for Portal and the config-store for Server using the same storage type, (file system or cloud storage), and the operating system type is the same, (Linux vs Windows) you'll be able to restore the backup.

The SAML information is stored in the database, so that will be restored as well.