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Feature service webhooks error at 11.0

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08-23-2023 03:52 AM
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I am trying to create a feature service webhook and I use ArcGIS Enterprise 11.0. I have read that webhooks are in beta version at 11.0, but still, I want to make sure that I am doing everything OK.

When creating the webhook I get the following error: "Error: Feature Service must have Editing and Change Tracking enabled without Sync".

However, checking the feature service properties in the Portal, it looks to me that my setting are OK. I attach screenshot of my settings.

Anybody could advise on this?


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I don't know the requirements that Survey 123 puts on the feature service. I do know there was an issue with getting change tracking enabled on a feature service from the item page inside the Home App. That was fixed in 11.2 I believe. The accepted solution on this thread, to use updateDefinition and ensure the correct capabilities is set might be your way to "fix" that. Unless Survey 123 has put sync on the feature service, then correct: you cannot enable the feature service webhooks.

Your ExB idea - I don't know all your requirements, but from a high level this would work. Using Experience Builder to do a feature / attribute edit on a feature service, with a webhook on it, can dispatch to Power Automate and further on send a webhook.



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Thanks for getting back to me. That really is a pity.

Is there any other way around this in the meantime?

I don't need Sync as we're not offline. Can Survey123 be used for submissions without Sync turned on?

I get the error below when it's off.


I'm trying to send an email when a new feature is created in feature services of Enterprise.

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