External authentication using TAM through internal AD

01-14-2021 05:09 AM
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I have installed an arcgis server, arcgis portal through my intranet.

In order to authenticate from the Internet, we want to use TAM authentication, keeping AD authentication.

In principle we can leave the AD configuration in place and the TAM will fill in the login page for the user.

I found this in the ArcGIS documentation:

HTTP/Windows Authentication (HTTP basic, HTTP digest or Integrated Windows Authentication (IWA)): resources are protected by user name and password set on the service and prompted by browser popup or session cookie. When you use IWA, logins are managed through Microsoft Windows Active Directory. Users do not sign in and out of the portal website; instead, when they open the website, they are signed in using the same accounts they use to log in to Windows. For more information, refer to Integrated Windows Authentication with your portal.


To configure the TAM, we must provide the login URL for the portal.

Here is the login url I found for the arcgis portal: https://arcgis.cgdis.lu/portal/sharing/rest/oauth2/authorize?client_id=arcgisonline&display=default&... Icône"useLandingPage":true marge&expiration=20160&locale=en-us&redirect_arcguri=isgtt://psdirect_arcgis.cn .lu / portal / home / accountswitcher-callback.html

Will this be enough to authenticate with the TAM and have access to the arcgis portal internally?

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