Data Store hardware requirements

02-27-2018 10:21 AM
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Has anyone configured a Data Store machine in their ArcGIS Enterprise implementation and would be able to provide me with some specs?

I have read the documentation provided by ESRI on this link: but have hard time deciding any specs which has to be sufficient for at least next 5 years.  

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Hi Don,

> ... a Data Store machine ... have hard time deciding any specs which has to be sufficient for at least next 5 years. 

This is difficult to answer, because it will depend on several factors such as:

- Will you configure the ArcGIS Data Store to be relational, tile cache, or spatiotemportal?

- How much activity do you anticipate will occur in the ArcGIS Data Store? E.g, the amount of data that it will store over the next 5 years;

- How many Portal members will create hosted content that will be stored in the ArcGIS Data Store? What will be the frequency? What kind of data?

- Do you plan to set-up the ArcGIS Data Store on its own server machine? or with another ArcGIS Enterprise component, like Portal for ArcGIS?

I suggest you do a requirements assessment of your business workflow(s) which may help answer some of the factors above, this will help determine your hardware requirements.

Hope this helps,

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Derek Law‌, although those are all good questions, having the answers doesn't help much in answering the larger question.  Esri's current ArcGIS Data Store documentation covers minimum requirements but it doesn't cover how those requirements scale relative to demands placed on the system.  For example, if a systems architecture/engineer knows how many Portal members there will be, what type of data they will use, and the frequency; how does that translate to needed cores, memory, and disk space?  I would say the disk storage is fairly straightforward, but sizing the cores and memory is still a black box, even when you know a fair amount about the users and workflows.

One could say, use the Capacity Planning Tool - GIS Wiki | The GIS Encyclopedia , but that tool is still heavily focused on the legacy/non-federated ArcGIS Server deployment models.  Does the Capacity Planning Tool even cover any of the ArcGIS Data Stores?

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Hi Joshua,

I agree.  That's why I was looking for some ideas from you folks.

Really appreciate your reply.

Thank you so much

Best regards


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Hi Derek,

Really appreciate your reply and thank you very much.

The disk space need to be expanded over time for sure depending on how much content is published.

Best regards,


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I have a simple question on total disk storage used by my ArcGIS datastore but seems cannot find a quick answer.  The datastore Describe command utility only shows unused or available space.  I wish it can show both used diskspace as well as available free diskspace.  Please help or share if you know how to find total used diskspace by datastore.   Thanks.

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