Exporting Enterprise Geodabase Feature Classes from Web App using AGS Enterprise

01-10-2022 09:34 AM
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Hello! I'm trying to figure out how to enable the exporting of data sets on the client side using OOTB tools and I'm having a hard time. Our environment is:

- ArcGIS Enterprise 10.9.0

- Enterprise Geodatabase (10.9). We don't use hosted layers (for now).

- Experience Builder / ArcGIS JS API for the client app.

The "Export Data" button on Portal seems to be enabled only for hosted feature layers and not for layers coming from an enterprise GDB. 

however, when you are publishing a feature layer using ArcGIS Pro, there is an option called "Allow Export" on the Feature Layer configuration settings. Which seems to imply this option should be somewhere.

Even further, if you browse to a user's REST endpoint: https://server/portal/sharing/rest/content/users/user@domain/export

You get the following options:


If you enter the item ID of the feature layer, the export proceeds with no error and a ZIP file is generated for download. However, when you download the ZIP it's only 1KB and it's empty. So it looks like it silently fails.

I've tried a Python Notebook with the same result.

Any thoughts on this? Has anyone been able to successfully export Feature Layers coming from an enterprise GDB using Out of the box tools?



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