Export Web Map's legend titles and operational layer's JSON title property

03-30-2017 01:53 PM
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To reproduce my problem, use the REST page at Execute Task (Export Web Map Task). Set the Layout Template field to "A4 Portrait" and the Web Map as JSON to the JSON provided below. In the resulting PDF, the title that ends up in the legend is neither the title actually associated with that service nor the title I provided in the JSON for that operationalLayer. It is the title associated with the only layer set as visible within the service by the operationalLayer JSON.

What's a scenario where that operationalLayers' title property in the JSON would get used for a map service as suggested by the documentation at: Export Web Map Specification? The example there has one, so there's got to be some way to get it into the output map.

Any info is appreciated,


{    "operationalLayers":[       {          "id":"layer1",          "title":"My Layer's Title? Nope!",          "minScale":0,          "maxScale":0,          "url":"http://www.agr.gc.ca/atlas/rest/services/app_aei_iae/aafc_app_aei_iae_rpt4_time/MapServer",          "visibleLayers":[             10          ]       }    ],    "exportOptions":{       "outputSize":[          600,          400       ],       "dpi":151    },    "layoutOptions":{       "titleText":"My Map's Title",       "legendOptions":{          "operationalLayers":[             {                "id":"layer1",                "subLayerIds":[                   10                ]             }          ]       }    } } 
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