Export / Import XML Workspace document between Pro and Server (Linux) not working.

04-06-2023 05:55 AM
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I have Pro 3.0.4 on my computer, and ArcGIS Server 10.9.1 (fully patched) on Linux.  

In all cases I'm just exporting the schema - no data, and taking a table from a local file gdb and recreating it in an enterprise GDB.

If I ExportXMLWorksapceDocument from Pro, copy the XML file to my Linux box and run ImportXMLWorkspace document it fails. 

If I ExportXMLWorkspace from Pro, and run import also from Pro, it works.

If I ExportXMLWorkspace from Server, and run import also from Server, it works.  

The pattern I need is the first one, which is failing.  Is this because my Pro version is not aligned with the Server version, because I couldn't find anything in the documentation that indicated it needs to be.  

I don't have access to my production databases, so I'm trying to use git to get xml files to the production server, and have a automated script which checks a folder and creates the tables.  I am testing here in my development environment (which is why I do have access to the databases for testing).  

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