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01-08-2016 11:36 AM
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i was wondering if anyone could point me in a direction for educational resources for taking the Enterprise Admin Assoc. 10.1 exam?

i saw they had an instructor lead course that was about $1000, a little steep right now, wasnt sure if anyone else knew of a good book or website with helpful info?

thanks in advance


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Adding the Esri Certified Individuals

--- George T.
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Some of the preparation resources are listed here:

The two e-learning courses listed there are free.  The help is also a good source of information.  Review the Skills Measured at this site Enterprise Administration Associate 10.1 Certification then review the topics in the help.

ArcGIS Help 10.1

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Also - 10.1 is a bit dated already. Since then Esri has introduced Portal for ArcGIS, which is and will be a critical part of the Esri platform. Is there a reason you're interested in pursuing a certification at 10.1?

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As mentioned, 10.1 is outdated.

If you look at ESRI product life cycle.. 2018 is when 10.1 server will be 'retired' deprecated.

Currently there is a 5.5 year life cycle with server and desktop.

Here are all the product life cycles.:

Product Life Cycles - Esri Support

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sorry about that everyone, not sure why I put 10.1 in there, it was a copy/past input.

    we are currently using 10.2.2 here so I hope that clarifies things for everyone.

just looking for a good all around intro to get a good base before I take any classes, etc

found the following website:

ArcGIS for Server 101

  didn't know if anyone else had any helpful resources they could share.

thanks again!


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I would not bother, for me, I have been waiting for a good.. oh.. 5 years now for ESRI to release Professional level for both ArcGIS Desktop Developer and either Enterprise System Design and Enterprise Administration.  Ive requested these several years in a row at the Dev summit.  

Been given several timelines of availability and 100% target not met....makes me wonder how much these really matter...

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