ERROR when Configure Datastore after upgrade to 10.9

08-04-2021 02:05 AM
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I have upgraded my ArcGIS Enterprise from 10.7.1 to 10.9. Everything went good but configure Relational Datastore.

Both from the Wizard and from the Utility tool I got an Error:

Error encountered: Machine 'https://localhost:2443/arcgis/datastoreadmin' return
ed an error. 'Attempt to configure data store failed.
Caused by: GEO-PROD-SERV14.GEOCEN.LOCAL: Unable to perform prerequisite check. P
lease make sure that the latest software is installed, the machine is accessible
, and ArcGIS Data Store service is started.'

GEO-PROD-SERV14 is my Portal Server.

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Hi @MichaelBangJensen, if your datastore is on another server replace the localhost with the hostname of the server e.g.  https://GEO-PROD-SERV-DATASTORE.GEOCEN.LOCAL:2443/arcgis/datastore 

in a administrative CMD or Powershell run this command "C:\Program Files\ArcGIS\DataStore\tools\describedatastore.bat"



you will see something like this 



if the urls say localhost we need to re-register the connections

go to ArcGIS Manager Sites Datastore

click on the x icon to remove any ArcGIS_Data_Store Only


open your link again and re-register the datastores with the correct url








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I'm gone an other way.

I installed a new Datastore on a new Server, and ran the restoredatastore Tool. Now I can validate my Relational Datastore with success in ArcGIS Manager.

But my services can't open. I wonder if I have to Reindex in PortalAdmin, even the status looks fine?



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Can you open the services under the rest e.g. https://dns:6443/arcgis/rest/Hosting and query them if yes then the problem is on portal yes.

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