Error: Unable to load the ArcGIS Server backing stores and/or the ArcGIS Server license information

07-14-2021 05:33 PM
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Occurs when you click 'Configure server role' after going to Organization > Settings > Server path in the portal. Additionally, the create feature layer and tile layer buttons in the content tab have also disappeared.


It's already in Technical document, but I can't solve the problem. 


In the case of the above document, it says that it is applicable to version 10.9, and it seems that some of it occurs when version 10.9 is updated. I upgraded 3 Enterprises to version 10.9, and I got this error in two places.

Is there any other solutions?

I have successfully authenticated SSL sertification to Portal, Server, and dataStore, am I missing something?

When I configure ArcGIS Server with an CA-signed certificate, I refer to the following document.



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If an SSL certificate chain trust issue is still present, you would typically see an entry in the Portal warning-level logs that a PKIX path-building error occurred, the certificate expired, or a CN/SAN mismatch was present. The Portal needs to trust the certificates presented by the Admin URL of the federated Server site(s) to query that information, so that's a good place to start. Another possibility is that the host in the Admin URL is not in the 'allowedProxyHosts' if those are locked-down in your Portal's security config (located in the Portal Admin endpoint).


Support should be able to help you identify the issue if you're able to submit a case.

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Thanks for replying. I did "allowedProxyHosts", but I think I need to find out more about the locked-down state. I'll try the former you mentioned. Also, I explore the CN/SAN mismatch condition mentioned earlier. Thanks for your help :)

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Here's the documentation regarding the restriction of the proxy capability, you would need to add the hostname of the Admin URL to that value to allow the proxy to pass traffic. Hope that helps!


Restricting the portal's proxy capability—Portal for ArcGIS | Documentation for ArcGIS Enterprise

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