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Error getting service & SceneServer not found

04-12-2024 12:24 PM
New Contributor

We encountered the following problem. After we released the scene service (slpk), it could not be loaded in the web scene browser, but it could be loaded normally on the desktop. Two-dimensional map slicing did not have this problem.

ArcGIS Enterprise version: 10.8.1
Server operating system: Red Hat Enterprise 9.2
Tomcat version: 9.0.19
OpenJDK version:
SSL Certificate: Configured and Unified

Check the server manager error log as follows:


<Msg time="2024-04-13T01:54:47,591" type="WARNING" code="9016" source="Rest" process="4223" thread="1" methodName="" machine="" user="" elapsed="" requestID="9fef31f7-8d07-42d8-92aa-f97935cc716f">Error getting service.</Msg>
<Msg time="2024-04-13T01:54:47,591" type="WARNING" code="9003" source="Rest" process="4223" thread="1" methodName="" machine="" user="" elapsed="" requestID="9fef31f7-8d07-42d8-92aa-f97935cc716f">Unable to process request. Service Hosted/baoli_v1_9/SceneServer not found </Msg>




Can anyone please help me? Thanks!

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Hello @GISCloud ,

I would like to request if you can check the following to check if the service cache/service is created properly:

  • Check if these tools are running in ArcGIS Server Manager, if yes, restart these tools:
    • System/SceneCachingControllers (GPServer)
    • System/SceneCachingTools (GPServer)
    • To find them navigate to ArcGIS Server Manager > Services > System
  • Are we able to navigate to the JSON Rest API of the Scene Service
  • Navigate to ArcGIS Server Rest endpoint > sign in > Hosted > fins the scene service > Select the service (should open up the JSON end point) : Helps us validate weather service is created properly
  • Switch the ArcGIS Server logs to "DEBUG" and try to access the service, this should register more details (make sure once logs are collected switch the logging the way you want as DEBUG can cause consumption of disk space very quickly)
  • If you want share the logs with me and we can have a look to narrow down the cause of this.
  • If possible try another with another data.

Hope it helps!

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