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07-30-2021 01:55 PM
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Good afternoon,

My name is Derek Megyesi and I am a Technical Product Manager at Black Gold Emergency Response Planners. 

Our organization already has an Enterprise account with ESRI:  ******.

I have a dilemma that I need your help with:

We presently host all our client maps on the https://black-gold.maps.arcgis.com web domain.  We then embed the link to the webserver page in our mobile app.

This page is obviously fronted by a login/password challenge screen

As having users enter a username/password every time they access the page is unacceptable, we use the https://github.com/Esri/resource-proxy tool that allows us to bypass the login page.  Attached is a sanitized copy of the proxy.config file. 

This strategy has worked for the past few years, as all of our existing maps have been on the domain of


However, we have recently switched over to use the new Enterprise webappviewer enhanced features (link below), but with this new link, we are once again faced with our dilemma of a login/password page.


My goal is to have both URL addresses be able to bypass the login screen. I have attached a screen shot that shows the dilemma I am facing.

What I have tried, but been unsuccessful with:

Note:  I also noticed that the logfile entry is not redirecting logs to the file I have set (esri-proxy.log).

I need to get some help.  Can you please contact me and we can do a screen sharing. I can be reached at ******.


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I'd highly recommend contacting esri technical support directly or via your account manager.

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You can bypass it by going to www.arcgis.com and just using the Esri log-on vs enterprise.  

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