Enterprise 10.8.0 thinks a feature layer still exists but does not.

10-27-2020 01:10 PM
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Enterprise 1.8 thinks a feature layer still exists but does not.

I am trying to publish a csv file and get this error


A published service with this name already exists within the organization. Service names must be unique across the organization. Please use a different name.

a search does not find a service with this name.

I can publish with a different name ok.

I have a script which deletes then adds a new updated feature layer each night. This has been working fine for weeks.

Could a process be using the old feature layer which is not allowing me to replace it?

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Hi Michael, 

It is possible that the indexing for your items within your Portal for ArcGIS is off. This could be why you cannot find the service under that name. This can be checked by navigating to your Portal Admin site >System > Indexer > Index Status. If there are no errors within the index, the indexer should return status that looks as such:

If the indexer is off, it will note the counts in red highlighting. 



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Yes it looks like the counts are off

I will try and reindex

thank you

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If I do a full reindex do I need to provide a list?

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@MichaelHancock where you able to find an answer to this issue. I actually this issue in my index as well.

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