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10-23-2018 09:47 AM
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I have recently installed the ArcGIS Server 10.6.1, and only licensed the ArcGIS Image Server component. This is used to publish image data. We purchased the Hexagon GeoSpatial "ECW for ArcGIS Server", and installed as per the directions. When attempting to publish ECW images as image services, the publish succeeds, but the services will not start.

Are there additional steps?

Based on this link, it appears there were additional steps at version 10.

FAQ: What is required to serve ECW images in ArcGIS Image Server? 

However, this does not install for version 10.6.1.


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Hi Darren,

By default, the ArcGIS Server installation does not include support for ECW format rasters. ECW raster format is directly supported in ArcGIS Desktop but not in ArcGIS Server or the ArcGIS Image Extension for Server. To use ECW in server-based products requires additional licensing permissions from Intergraph. To contact Intergraph to request a license, send an email to Once a license has been granted from Intergraph, it is possible to enable ECW support in ArcGIS Server and the ArcGIS Image Extension for Server.

Additional information and alternate solutions can be found here:

20026: Layer is an ECW format raster—Documentation | ArcGIS Enterprise 



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Hello Thomas  Thanks for answering.  I have the same Darren situation, install ArcGIS Server 10.6.1 and the license of Hexagon GeoSpatial "ECW for ArcGIS Server 2018" and when publishing the imagener the service is stopped and generates the error message "Invalid input data source path". We went to the Geonet community given that on behalf of Hexagon's technical support service, they did not give us a solution.
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Dear Thomas,

I just want to follow up your previous answer with a question - does this limits also publishing map/image service when mosaic dataset (with pyramids and overviews) in registered SDE/FGDB is the source for the service and when this mosaic dataset referencing ECW files?

Thank you.

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