Does the R-ArcGIS Bridge support remote data from portals secured with SAML?

11-08-2021 05:08 AM
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The excellent recent video describing the R-ArcGIS bridge describes accessing remote data (e.g. a Feature Service) using the arcgisbinding library.

Specifically, the video describes how arc.portal_connect will allow you to log in to a portal using a username and password if you need to connect to a different Portal from your current active portal in ArcGIS Pro.

In my scenario, ArcGIS Pro is not installed on the same machine where R studio is. I expect to be using the manually installed ArcGISBinding library to connect to secure feature services in an ArcGIS Enterprise. Also my ArcGIS Enterprise is using a SAML-compliant identity provider (Azure AD).

Q1) Can I still use arc.portal_connect() when I don't have ArcGIS Pro installed? I assume yes.

Q2) How does arc.portal_connect() allow me to login using SAML authentication?

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