Does delta message in disconnected replica include acknowledgment from last import?

08-08-2019 12:37 PM
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I have a local EGDB and a replica of it on AWS and am pretty much beyond caring about geodata anymore. I've had a ticket open for a month trying to get a geodata service to sync the two databases and so far we've got nothing to show for it. If I treat this as disconnected and trade message XMLs over FTP do I have to follow the pattern below?

   Parent: export delta

   Child: import delta

   Child: export acknowledgement

   Child: export delta

   Parent: import acknowledgement

   Parent: import delta

   Parent: export acknowledgment

   Child: import acknowledgment

Or can I just swap delta files back and forth? Once I import a delta message from AWS to the local DB and then export a delta message to send back to AWS does that message include the acknowledgement for the import I just did? I can program it to do that whole pattern but if I can just trade delta files and ignore the acknowledgements that would be much easier to do as a scheduled task. 

Also is there a way with python or a SQL query (I'll make the query directly against the database from pyodbc in script if I need to) to see if the database is the receiver or the sender for a replica at any given moment? The arcpy replica object will tell you the last time it sent or received changes but not if those were acknowledged.

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