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Data Store Domains

07-30-2019 08:01 AM
New Contributor III

Hi, I would like to know if there is any documentation on how Data Store handles domains for hosted feature layers. Does it do the same thing as an Enterprise Geodatabase where it lists them all together? Do domains have to have a unique name across all hosted feature layers in a datastore?

The reason I ask, I recently tried to publish a hosted feature service, but it ended up failing with Error 001369. I tried everything and finally decided to change the names of the domains to something incredibly specific e.g. ThisProjectConsultantName rather than ConsultantName. When the domain names were changed it published successfully.

Also is there any way to see what domains are registered in Datastore and is it possible to use them for more than 1 hosted feature layer?

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by Anonymous User
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Hi Andrew, the values don't have to be unique across layers, or even within layers (they only have to be unique within fields - I can't use Status twice for one field). 

How are you publishing your service when you get the error message? Do you already have domains before publishing (and do you already have a hosted layer using the value ConsultantName)?

Domains are listed on a per-layer level (in the REST endpoint for each service and under the data tab for the item > fields > the specific field.) 

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