Do I need to restart ArcGIS Server after applying licenses?

10-14-2021 06:24 AM
by Anonymous User
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We have a standalone ArcGIS Server 10.8.1 instance with a license that will expire soon. I've used the Software Authorization file to authorize with a new authorization to extend the license to next year. I can confirm by looking at the keycodes file that the new license has been applied. However, I can see that the old license is also present in the keycodes file with the upcoming expiry date.

Do I need to restart ArcGIS Server to get it to discover and use the new license? Or, will it continue to work past the upcoming expiry date using the new licenses that I've applied without needing a restart?

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Esri Regular Contributor

ArcGIS Server will continue to function as normal with both licenses, and after some time the one that has expired will fall out.

by Anonymous User
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Thanks for your answer, @ReeseFacendini

Esri Canada technical support gave me the opposite answer (that I would need to restart), so now I'm wondering which is correct. The options that I have, in order of preference, are:

  1. Don't restart ArcGIS Server (this requires that it continues to work past the expiration date, as you indicated it would).
  2. Restart ArcGIS Server at a planned time (this would be required if it will stop working as Esri Canada technical support indicated).
  3. Wait for ArcGIS Server to fail at the license timeout date (which will only happen if what Esri Canada technical support told me is true).
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