Desktop/Server Upgrade to 10.3 Benefits

02-02-2016 04:29 PM
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  i was just curious to hear from those who updated from 10.2.X to 10.3...

Instead of just reading what was new in 10.3 on the web, I was curious to hear from those who actually upgraded what you felt the greatest benefits were seeing from the upgrade with desktop and server?

thanks for all your input!

Dave T.

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I don't know that I have a list of benefits, although there was no downsize to upgrading desktop to 10.3.x,  I do believe there are a few more tools in 10.3.x, but other than looking on the list, I don't know that I could tell you what they are.

For ArcGIS Server, I chose not to upgrade from 10.2.2.  Partly because I was told not to take the time right now since 10.2.2 was working, but also, I like the 10.2.2 compact cache format better. 10.3.x does compress it even more, but it is not compatible to be read direct by pre-10.3.x Desktop users (which we still have).

I have tested AGS 10.3.x however and haven’t found there to be any other reason I wouldn’t upgrade.

However, since 10.4.x is soon to be release, I will test that and may make the just directly to it.  If you are in the early-adaptor group or have an EDN (dev) license, you can get pre-release to test now.

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If you have GIS web apps tied to ArcGIS Server (AGS) services, then the maintenance of these apps that use layer indices is easier with the introduction of immutable ids where you can set layerids not to change in the source mxd.

AGS caching issues that were resolved with a patch at v10.2.2 are now part of the out-of-the-box AGS software.

There are now out-of-the-box statistics for AGS services that is used in optimizing your AGS setup under the Logs tab in AGS Manager.