Data Store certificate renewal

03-27-2020 02:01 PM
New Contributor III

The SSL certificate used in our Data Store expires soon. We renewed the certificate "in place". The expiration date for the certificate has been updated to a date next year. I can see it in the MMC after adding the certificate snap-in. Because it was renewed in place, the modified dates of the existing PFX and related files have not changed.

Is that sufficient for the Data Store?  The certificate won't expire until next year so I would think we are set but does the Data Store see it that way? I don't think using updatesslcertificate will make a difference because the PFX hasn't changed.

A second question, is there a way to return the certificate information in the Data Store? You can see the certificate information for Server and Portal through the Admin Directory windows. The Data Store doesn't have an Admin Directory and describedatastore doesn't return the certificate information. Are there any alternatives for returning the SSL certificate details in the Data Store?

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