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Custom print service takes a long time to load

05-15-2023 10:31 AM
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Our custom print services are taking around 20-45 seconds to load in the various print widgets when opening the print dialog depending on how many layout files are in the template folder. Checking the web traffic it is the "Get Layout Templates Info" task being called that is causing the delay.

The default print service also calls that task but it only takes 2 seconds to run. The custom print service that takes 20 seconds to load only has 5 layouts and the default print service has 8 layouts. It does not make sense to me why the default is faster.

Are there any best practices to speed up the Get Layout Templates Info task?

I am currently running ArcGIS Enterprise 11.1, but this has been a problem for us for several versions.

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Where are your print templates being stored? If this is a shared network location, the NAS requirements will apply and specifically the requirement for immediate consistency:

This may also relate to a permissions issue/AntiVirus check on the service account running ArcGIS Server accessing the aforementioned folder. 


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The print templates are being stored locally on the ArcGIS Server server. They were being referenced using a UNC path but I have changed that to a direct path. I added antivirus exceptions to the print templates folder and the custom print service folder. Those changes had no affect on the duration.

The default printing tools service only takes a 2 seconds to get a response from the Get Layout Templates Info task and it is stored on the same local drive on the server with no antivirus exemptions. My custom print service has fewer layout templates than the default print service so it seems reasonable that the Get Layout Templates Info task would execute faster.

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I am having this exact same problem and just ran across this post while researching. In my case the print templates are stored directly on the server, and the directory is registered in ArcGIS Server. Most of the time, the print takes 45 seconds or longer. Every once in a while it will complete in less than 10. Still, other times it never completes. I'm not really sure what to try. Printing custom layouts is the main reason why we have ArcGIS Server/Enterprise since you can't do it in ArcGIS Online. Thanks.

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Did someone ever found a solution for this problem?

We are facing the same on our ArcGIS Enterprise environment. It takes 22s to get an answer from the Get Layout Templates Info task within a custom print service. However, we observe this behaviour only on our test environment, which has exactely the same specification and setup like the production environment (ArcGIS Enterprise 11.1 running on Windows server).

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