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Creating a editable mosaic dataset running on Image Server

05-02-2024 03:09 PM
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Hello Community -
I'm trying to make an editable mosaic dataset running on Image Server for our planners to share development concepts. The goal is for them to upload imagery into the mosaic dataset and then other users can see all concepts we have received. We are on ArcGIS Pro 3.1.3 and Enterprise 11.1. Has someone had success in making this?

According to doc - key concepts one is able to have the editing capability on the imagery layer published on Image Server. It requires an enterprise geodatabase to do this.  I create a new mosaic dataset, added editor tracking and published to the image server. I found the edit capability on the server manager page as it was not on the publishing within Pro. I am able to edit the mosaic now but I need to rebuild it after adding a new raster. Is there a way to not need the rebuilding of it? Or did I miss a setting? Is there a way for the user to upload the image to the mosaic dataset?

Server manager capabilitiesServer manager capabilities

According to doc - prepare image services to create a mosaic dataset, this specifies an enterprise geodatabase and encourages turning on editor tracking. I have followed these steps in preparing the mosaic dataset. I'm getting a black and white checkerboard (right) for the image as I believe the server cannot locate the images. They show up while adding them to a mosaic dataset and when viewing it (left).

Error when reading the image serviceError when reading the image serviceImage in mosaic datasetImage in mosaic dataset

I have read the doc - what is an image service in preparation for this project.

Thanks for any help or advice you may have on this endeavor.

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