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Create features is creating distorted polygons!!!

05-09-2023 12:58 AM
New Contributor

I am creating an unsuitable layer for areas where trees cannot be planted such as sports fields, utility corridors, etc. The AOI is at 1:250,000.

I normally work at a scale of 1:2,500 in order to see smaller features like baseball fields. When I outline these smaller features (with create features) they either start to tear while outlining, distort into a smaller shape that isn't accurate to the boundaries of the field, or the feature will not be created and give me an error. I have never run into this error before and have no idea why my smaller polygons are being distorted.

Both the AOI and Unsuitable shp are at the same GCS and PCS and my imagery is coming from NAIP's database.

Please help! I have no idea why my polygons are being distorted into smaller, inaccurate polygons. There are no issues with larger scale polygons but at the 1:2,500 scale they are being distorted each time I create a new polygon. Any ideas why?

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Do you mind sharing a few screenshots of the issue you are facing? Are you referring to editing within Map Viewer of ArcGIS Enterprise or within ArcGIS Pro?

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