Content spontaneously dissapearing (and reappearing) from Portal

08-21-2020 04:06 PM
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Hi all,

Our organization is running ArcGIS Enterprise 10.7.1.

Recently we have had an issue where a few of our organization's regularly-used apps suddenly disappeared from our portal Home and Content. Two of them reappeared on their own, unprompted. But one of them still has not, and it is not present when looking through AGO-Assistant either.

I have rebooted our server, and performed a re-index from the Portal Administrator to attempt to address the problem with no luck.

Has anyone had any similar issues with Portal, and what might some solutions be?

Thank you,


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The content within the portal home application is all driven from searches. For example, when you navigate to your home page, there are search requests that find the group you chose to display as the feature maps, etc. Those are based on what's in the index, so you can monitor those requests and see if the same request returns content sometimes, but not others. Is this a standalone portal, or a highly available portal?

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