ConfigureWebAdaptor.exe thinks WebAdaptorURL does not exist

04-12-2018 11:30 AM
New Contributor

I'm trying to use the command line tool to configure the web adaptor (IIS 10.4.1) I just installed and I'm getting an error of "ERROR: WebAdaptorURL does not exists." (sic).  Its using HTTPS as the web adaptor is only set up for SSL.  When I drop the s, I get a 404 (which I'd expect).  The web adaptor and ArcGIS Server are on the same server and my command line is:

ConfigureWebAdaptor.exe /m server /w https://server.domain.local/arcgis/webadaptor /g https://server.domain.local:6443 /u siteadmin /p <password> /a true

When I paste the https URL into a browser on my laptop (IE is disabled on the server, which is why I'm using the command line) I get a web adaptor site that says "The web adaptor configuration URL has to be accessed from the machine hosting the web adaptor."  which implies to me that the web adaptor itself installed fine, but the command line tool can't see it.

The only other wrinkle is that the command line is disabled so I'm using PowerShell, but if the tool can read the parameters well enough to 404 when I drop the S, I'm thinking that's a non-issue.

Anyone have any ideas?

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