Configstore location in ArcGIS on Kubernetes

11-26-2021 12:56 AM
by Anonymous User
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In the case of traditional ArcGIS, we have the option to decide the location for configstore (e.g. local disk, azure files).
While, in ArcGIS On K8s, we don't have such options
Where or in which PV, the configstore will be stored?

Vaibhav Jayaswal

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Esri Contributor

Hello, first we just want to ensure you have seen the most recent  documentation and requirements, which has seen some changes following the 10.9.1 release. Please follow this link to see more details. The config store for portal/server use is managed within the Kubernetes architecture to ensure appropriate high availability and is  explicitly backed up. You can read more about Backup configuration at this link.

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