Clean up of Collaboration Replication Packages

10-21-2021 09:57 PM
by Anonymous User
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I have had problems on and off with the AGOL collaboration and Enterprise since Jan 2020 when it was first implemented in my organisation.

I have recently noticed that we have an excessive amount of replication packages within the Enterprise environment, 86. I was wondering if anyone has a good means to clean these up and reduce them down. I am 100% certain this is creating an unnecessary overhead on the server. I can see some are updated and others haven't been updated since Jan 2020. My assumption is that they "should" be updated each time the collaboration is synced but I can not find any detail in the ESRI documentation on these files other than they are used in the collaboration.

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In my experience the packages are left behind when syncs fail.  One way to determine which packages are not being used is go into the portal content directory, go to 'portals>self>collaborations'  click on a collaboration ID, then for 'Supported Operations' click 'Replicas'.

Then by default any unused replicas in the last 30 days should show up.  Whatever crpk file with an unused replica ID can probably be deleted. 

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