Changing representation overrides to attribute driven symbology for migration to ArcGIS Pro

01-23-2019 02:14 AM
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We currently use a lot of symbology representations in our map production workflows in ArcMap and are considering moving to ArcGIS Pro, which does not support representations. Many of them will be ok to make the change using attribute-driven symbology, but I am wondering if anyone else has gone through this and has any suggestions about how to deal with representation overrides.

The override is stored as a blob, but we noticed that we can still query for null in the blob field, so I assume I can use this to pull out every feature that does in fact have an override. But then I don't have much information, if any, about what exactly was changed on each representation symbol. Is there a way to get this information out of the blob field, or some other way to extract this information from the database?

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Funny, I just imported all of my custom 24-k map products into Pro and am in the very exact situation you are in: very dependent on representation symbology...and I was just exploring how I could get the rotation angel out of the representation override for some of my point layers. Some discussion on that at which really didn't work for me. We do make edits to the representation symbols as part of our QA process to improve  map readability.

Some related ideas, and of course might be a solution for you (again, didn't exactly work out in my case). 

Holding out for Pro supporting representation, like Arc Map!

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