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Cannot share as web tool to Portal for ArcGIS

11-08-2021 06:29 AM
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I try publish buffer tools through ArcGIS Pro but got error . see  Error 1

I got log error The containing process for 'System/PublishingToolsEx' job 'jd4e42181a7d040a58570e74b68cdf4c9' has crashed.  see Error 2

I am using ArcGIS Enterprise 10.9 and federate with Portal for ArcGIS

I try to publish any  SD file through ArcGIS Server still got same error.

Solution try :

1) Give permission to ArcGIS Server account to 

  •  C:/Python27
  •  C:/arcgisserver
  •  C:/Program Files/ArcGIS/Server

2) restart PublishingToolEX services in Arcgis Server Manager

3 ) restart arcgis server, portal for arcgis and ArcGIS Datastore services


I manage to publish hosted feature layer but cannot publish any geoprocessing tools

Error 1Error 1Error 2Error 2

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We just started having this issue after the upgrade to 10.9.1 as well. Did you ever find a solution?

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