Cannot connect to ArcGIS Server Manager

04-29-2015 01:15 PM
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HI All,

Recently i posted the question about not being able to connect to my ArcGIS Server through Desktop 10.1. The issue I thought I had resolved by configuring Web Adapter and allow administrative access. This worked great for the last few days and now I am back to it - cannot connect to server from desktop or through server manager on the server itself.

I can ping the server from my desktop machine.

I have tried to run the config file through form initial install/config, with no changes. I ma not keen on re-installing server - not sure what step to take next. The issue came up when trying to publish a service and an error was raised that data was to be copied over to the sever, although I had registered the database (SDE) within server.

Any clues as to what may be going on here?



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Mike, I have a 10.0 and a 10.2.2 AGS setup, not a 10.1, and can't remember exactly when this all changed, but my suggestions :

From 10.0 test, try



From 10.2.2 test, try



you might even try it with https and port 6443 instead of 6080.

That doesn't help with your SDE issue, but may get you into manager.

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Hi Mike,

I'd like to suggest logging this issue to #esrisupportservices. We can help diagnose the issue. We'd like to dig down to understand if this is a DNS issue, a permissions issue of some sort, an IIS/Web Adaptor issue, etc. We can also help you register your enterprise database with ArcGIS for Server so that data isn't copied up into the config-store when you publish.


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That was going to be my suggestion of the other links didn't work.   

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Thanks for the response Rebecca, I have logged a request with Tech Support. I had pretty much what you mentioned in your email already, and again with no success.

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Thought I would let you know what the issue was with my connecting to ArcServer, a little embarrassed to say, but it was simple. While attempting to trouble shoot something else I ran an old configuration file through the ArcGIS Sever configuration - whoops. Because of this the service was looking for an old login to start up. Once I corrected this, everything is up and running.

The login name was different by a single letter - goes to show that one has to look at the fine details sometimes.