Can't get layer to display on ArcGIS Enterprise Site Page webmap?

09-10-2019 10:05 AM
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Hi All,

Here's the setup:

  • ArcGIS Server and Portal 10.7
    • Server is federated and designated as Hosting server
  • Enterprise SiteA with permission for GroupA
  • SiteA has PageA with permission for GroupA
    • SiteA PageA has a stock webmap layout item configured to use WebmapA
  • WebmapA is saved in Portal with permissions for GroupA
  • WebmapA has a LayerA from MapServiceA with permissions for GroupA
    • When I log into portal with UserA, I can navigate to, open and view WebmapA and LayerA
  • When I log into SiteA with UserA, I can access the site, navigate to PageA, WebMapA loads but LayerA does NOT
    • Network trace shows "Token Required" on REST endpoint for LayerA
  • When I log into SiteA with the portal admin account, webmap and layer display fine.

Seems like the whole point of having a webmap and services with permissions. Any ideas why it's not correctly applying the token or auth cookie?



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Going through a quick test on my side, I was able to reproduce this behavior with ArcGIS Enterprise 10.7.1 

With this in mind, I recommend creating a case with Techincal Support.  D
oing so would allow for somebody to look into the issue further, get the proper resources looped in, and determine if this is known behavior or not.  If you need assistance getting in contact with Technical Support, please feel free to DM me.

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Hi Jill Edstrom

Any updates regarding this post? I have a relevant case to this one. Please have a look at it:

Can't display layers in Enterprise Sites, till REST services are opened  



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Hi Ahmed - no updates regarding this particular post.  I just responded to the thread you linked to with more information regarding the specific behavior you are encountering.

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