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Can map service identify use the symbol extent, like feature layer popup query does?

04-08-2021 12:54 PM
New Contributor III

ArcGIS Server 10.7.1

The feature layer popup in the ArcGIS API for JavaScript has a nice behavior for point features in which if I click a feature's symbol, a popup appears, and if I only click near a feature's symbol, a popup does not appear. That's more user-friendly than what happens during a dynamic map service identify, where it only returns features if the click is within the pixel tolerance of a feature.

Imagine a point layer with a pushpin symbol, where the bottom point is at the actual feature geometry.

  • If it's a feature service with popups enabled, the JS API seems to know whether the user clicked the symbol and sends a Query request with an envelope if a symbol was clicked.
  • If it's a map service with a point layer, the JS API sends an Identify request with a pixel tolerance, which means that clicking the top of the pushpin gets no result, while clicking just below the pushpin does get a result. It would be nice if the map service behaved the other way around, i.e. return a result if the clicked point is in a feature's symbol.

Is there a way to make the map service Identify operation consider the feature's symbol, rather than just the feature geometry? Or do I need to switch to feature services and feature layer popups to get this behavior?

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