Can I disable RC4 in favor of a stronger Cipher

02-02-2016 08:59 PM
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I'm deploying ArcGIS for Server 10.3.1 in a secure Enterprise environment.  A recent scan showed we had the RC4 cipher enabled, and being used on Port 6443.  We use the Web Adaptor, and the firewall blocks all in/out 6443 traffic, but my life would become substantially easier from a documentation and risk acceptance standpoint if I could configure the server to use TLS with 3DES or another stronger cipher.  Is it possible to configure this somewhere in the ArcGIS settings?

I tried flat-out disabling RC4 before, and it broke the server.  I began to get SCHANNEL errors saying I didn't have a cipher available to establish the connection.

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This can be accomplished with registry settings, but I prefer a tool "IISCrypto" which give you a nice GUI to not only turn protocols on or off, but specify the order of the ciphers as well. Is your certificate using SHA-2?

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At 10.4 in the security configuration page in the admin API you can specify the HTTPS protocols and ciphers you'd like to support.

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We too have this same issue with 10.3.1.  We will be bypassing 10.4 for 10.5 later this year, and I do not see how changing registry settings or playing with third party software for IIS will fix this problem since it's coming from ArcGIS Server's web server Tomcat.  Instead, the fix I found was to modify the configuration for the Tomcat server.  Refer also to HOW TO -- Disable weak ciphers in Tomcat 7 & 8 - Powered by Kayako Help Desk Software  for more information on the parameters mentioned below.

Here are my instructions for Windows:

1) Make a backup copy of <ArcGIS_Server_Install_Directory>\framework\runtime\tomcat\conf\server.xml

2) Run Notepad as Administrator

3) Open <ArcGIS_Server_Install_Directory>\framework\runtime\tomcat\conf\server.xml

4) Near the bottom of the file, look for the line that starts with <Connector...

5) At the end of the line, between the last quotation mark and the slash, add a space, and then add the following text  (you can see it's very long and will cause the lines to wrap, but that's ok):


6) Save the file and restart ArcGIS Server

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