Calculate operation fails on feature service backed by bigdata store

02-19-2019 02:36 PM
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Hi All, 

I have a GeoEvent Server dataset stored in the Spatiotemporal Big Data Store and registered as a feature service in our portal.  I can individually update the feature values using the ApplyEdits operation but I need to run a bulk update on about 75% of the dataset to modify an attribute that got incorrectly calculated during the input processing.  The service endpoint displays the "Calculate" operation but returns a error 500, blank message when I try anything even a simple set integer or string.

Is it possible to use the Calculate operation on this type of feature service?  If not, I can't find any documentation that says so.  

Is there another back-door management operation I can use to bulk update data? 



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Calculate operation is not yet supported on Spatiotemporal Big Data Store feature service. Bulk loading data (upsert) would be possible in future release.


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Thanks for the reply Gaurav.  It would be helpful if this was in the API doc or even better if the API was able to remove that operation if it's not supported ... or at least return a better error message.